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Let Us Plan Your Perfect Landscape Design

"In order to build a house, you need blueprints, so why would your landscape be any different?" - Ana Lockett

landscape design planning annapolis marylandPlanning is key to creating a beautiful and comprehensive outdoor space!

Our Designers work closely with every client on the Landscape Design Package.  The three main variables are that make up a successful Landscape Design Package are:

  1. Aesthetics/Beauty/Style - Does Design add beauty/value to the home?  Does it fit with the style of the home?  Does it fit with the Client's style/tastes?
  2. Budget - Does the Design work with the Client's budget, short and long-term?  Are the material suggested the best ones for the Client's budget?  Is there a way to save in one area in order to spend more in another area?
  3. Scheduled Implementation - Can projects be phased?  If so are we making sure that double work won't be done? How will it be phased?

***Each one of our Landscape Design Packages are customized to the Client***

Check out our Portfolios to see projects we've Designed and Installed.


Our Landscape Design Package and Meeting Options:

Initial Consultation with Designer --- $95-$150/hour (depends on location and need)

    • Meeting with a Landscape Designer
    • Digital pictures of the area in question or property
    • Measurements of site (if necessary)
    • One written estimate or summarization of meeting with Client

Note: There will be a trip charge if a consultation is canceled, for any reason, one hour or less before the set meeting time, or if the client does not show.


Landscape Plan Package --- $975.00 and up
(A plat from the client is required (additional charges may apply if Client does not have one)

    • Digital pictures of the property
    • Measurements of the site and layout of existing structures, plants and utilities
    • Two (2) copies of scaled plan
    • One (1) digital and paper copy of the proposed plant list
    • Two (2) meetings with the Designer to go over Design and changes (about 1.0 hour each)
    • Two (2)sets of design changes

Add-ons to Any Package --- Pricing is per job

  • 3D conceptual rendition of master plan or portion of plan
  • Grade survey (for drainage issues or major retaining walls)
  • Lighting design
  • Irrigation design
  • Water feature design
  • Waterfront design
  • Reforestation required by county
  • Deer resistant or native planting
  • Specifications required by county, city or HOA
  • Specifications need for a variance
  • Unique project design (ie. children's garden, rooftop gardens, rain collection)
  • Design coloring for presentation


We want you to work with us start to finish, so we try to give you incentives along the way. Please Contact us to discuss our process and the incentives we offer.


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