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Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting annapolis mdOutdoor lighting is a wonderful addition to any landscape package or existing landscape. It can be used to accent plant material, hardscapes, water features, as well as, add security and comfort to your property. Most outdoor lighting is low voltage and requires very little power to run.

Benefits of a Low Voltage Lighting System:

  • Lower energy usage = lower costs
  • Conservation in energy, bulbs, and fixtures
  • Flexibility in creating ambiance (i.e. up lights, down lights, path lights, etc.)
  • Low voltage = lower shock hazard
Outdoor Lighting Services We Can Provide:

  • New lighting system design
  • New lighting system installation
  • Additions to existing systems
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Upgrading your current system to an LED system
outdoor lighting annapolis md
Lighting can be incorporated into any landscape, hardscape or waterscape project. 
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