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Landscape Irrigation

Experience the Benefits of Irrigation

landscape irrigation annapolis maryland

Irrigation Systems are thought by many to be “expensive” or “unnecessary”, but their benefits have been proven to exceed their cost.

“More than 50% of the water is wasted in runoff and evaporation when you water by hand.”

Here are just a few benefits of an Irrigation System:

  • Saving money - Programs, timers, and rain sensors will use water only when it is needed, and will minimize plant mortality.
  • Water conservation - Timing your zones to run in the early morning hours will eliminate water evaporation or over saturating areas.
  • Proper plant care - Watering at the proper time during the day (early morning) can minimize plant mildew and fungi. Also, it has been proven that smaller amounts of water over longer periods of time provides ideal growing conditions.
  • Eliminating stress - After investing your money in plant material, you don’t want to worry every minute about its survival. An irrigation system will eliminate the need to drag hoses across your yard and plants, as well as, the stress of remembering weather you watered enough, or at all.
landscape irrigation annapolis maryland

Irrigation Services We Can Provide:

  • New irrigation system design
  • New irrigation system installation
  • Additions to existing systems
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Upgrading your current system to be more eco-friendly (i.e. water conservation nozzles)

Visit our Photo Gallery to see examples of irrigation systems.

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